How to hack facebook messenger conversations

How to hack facebook messenger conversations?

A hole in Facebook: you can preview calls friends

Ironically, a vulnerability in Facebook, which is in violation of someone’s private life is in a module …privacy 🙂

Just(uh) enter the Settings tab Privacy and then use the option that allows you to view our profile as it sees people, so that, in addition to your profile, in the lower right corner we can see the Communicator and the content of negotiations of a person.

Currently, the Facebook Chat was disabled, and the correction of “push” on the servers, soon everyone should be safe :> looks Interesting, and the translation of Facebook in response to the requested error (bold mine)

How to hack facebook messenger conversations?


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how to hack facebook messenger conversations

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Mark Zuckerberg has reason for happiness — that’s 1.6 billion reasons. Facebook, despite the emergence of competitor, not only remains the largest service FB, but creates more and more profit. Get to know the latest news about Facebook Finance.

The number of users of Facebook, which is constantly growing and has already exceeded 750 million, works on the advertisers like a magnet.

Although official data concerning the balance of the site will be revealed probably at the end of the protected period, i.e. in April next year, Reuters reached, allowing a little earlier to look at the finances of the company.

A new feature in Facebook, which is really worth to enable.

During the first half of the year Facebook recorded $ 1.6 billion of income. For comparison, in 2010 the income for the first 9 months amounted to 1.2 billion rubles. Not less optimistic look, the revenue is 500 million within six months, compared with 355 million for the first three quarters of last year.

Sorry, do not know the structure of Finance Faceebook, is not known, therefore, what percentage of the revenue and profit generated for certain services. Widomo because Facebook makes – and it’s a lot on offer at the games, downloading 30%. from generated no profit. How to hack facebook messenger conversations?how-to-hack-facebook-messenger-conversations

Moreover, the number of useful tools, has still to grow in the near future Facebook plans to launch in collaboration with Spotify and Rhapsody service music.

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